Tuesday, 16 August 2016

What is all this about...please you brought it take it with you

To those thoughtful people who use wee plastic bags to pick up your dog poo we appreciate you efforts to keep our 3/4 miles of footpaths clean. 

To those of you who then proceed to hang the bags in the hedges and fences in the absolute belief that their is somewhere on TOFT a 'poo fairy' who comes along in the night and spirits these packages away- I have to inform you , at risk of destroying your innocence forever. There is no such fairy and in my busy life I could do without having to dispose of your little presents. You brought these items with you, you used them, please take them away with you. The whole point of performing this worthwhile function is that they go back on your own bin, not in mine and certainly don't hang like urban Christmas decorations all over the countryside. 
Much love and thanks- the TOFT 'Poo Fairy' who wants to be made redundant ASAP by your change of habit. xxx

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