Saturday, 11 June 2016

Broken bones and a quick car trip...

Alyona a four week old Cria was hopping around the paddock the other day unable to put any weight on her front right foot. At first we thought it a sprain but it didn't get better then we administered anti inflammatory and it didn't get better so yesterday we bundled her into the backseat of the Hilux and too fake her to Towcester Vests for a x ray. After some heavy scrutiny it was discovered that she had a broken metacarpal and a cast was put on. For the next six weeks she will be hobbling around the paddock toting this lump of plaster like Marleys Ghost, but hopefully she will mend quick and we can get her back solidly on all fours a lot sooner. She sat as good as gold in the back seat, Never made  murmur during the examinations and came back to TOFT like the queen on her birthday procession- all dignity and calmness in the face of all adversity. I kid you not its like they know you are there to help.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Eeee.... This grass is taking a bit of eating..!

You can't hear the grass growing at TOFT these past few weeks. We are busy shuffling the weaners around en masses to try and chomp it down. If we were growing cows or sheep we would be overjoyed but the alpacas are such efficient grazers that they get fat on concrete. As we prefer to keep our alpacas at their 'ideal' weight we are currently employing an intensive grazing and cutting regime to keep the grass under control. However this warm wet weather is doing its best to scupper those well laid plans. 'Twas ever thus!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Mr TOFT Alpaca Judge busy at the SWAG show at the Royal Bath and West

Just had me a great two days judging halter at the South West Alpaca Group Show at the Royal Bath & West. I remember attending this show at its inception 15 years ago as an exhibitor, again the following year or so with the BAS promotional trailer when Julio Sumar judged it. I have watched it move and be developed ever since then into what is a fantastic showcase for our wonderful creatures. The alpacas now dominate one corner of the show ground. A location with immense potential for agility classes, walks , info demonstrations all sorts of Alpaca related activities to inform and entertain the public. 
We had a great crowd watching throughout. I was immensely proud of the Champion lineup in both Huacaya and Suri with some real quality alpaca livestock on display. 
Thanks to SWAG for inviting me. Thanks to Di Davies and her merry team of stewards and organise for their organisers for creating a truly memorable couple of days. Thanks to all the exhibitors for letting me judge your animals and here's wishing you a very healthy and productive season ahead.
And finally good luck to Julia Corrigan Stuart who apprenticed with me throughout. She did a great job was a pleasure to work with and I wish the very best from her judge certification later this year.