Sunday, 22 February 2015

TOFT Alpaca introductory Husbandry Workshop....

Great Alpaca day yesterday as the first TOFT Alpaca husbandry introductory workshop kicked off in cold but fine weather at. TOFT Alpaca Stud. Lovely people working with TOFT Champion Alpacas exploring their own alpaca inspiration. Cold but dry and lots of fun and back to the Cornflower Cafe for tea and Homemade cake- Perfick! Thank you one and all for a great day, see you soon and good luck with your own alpaca adventure.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lunch with the Monks...?

Shared my Chicken Ceasar sandwich and Skinny Latte Lunch yesterday with this group of Monkeys watching me. They had had obviously done a runner from the TOFT Studio and swung down the room preferring the ambience of the Cornflower Cafe! Needless to say I didn't share  ....even though they kept begging constantly with their eyes. Tough love !!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Jack of all trades...

Busy weekend at TOFT last weekend with yours truly working as driver and stall erector helping the ladies of TOFT set up their trade stand at the NEC. The lovely Petra was in charge of executing design and decor and she duly chased the wee members  of Edward's Menagerie into line to look their best for a couple of days. And the results? Well the stand looked marvellous! Congratulations Petra and the Yarnies of TOFT. Me? I nipped back to the Cornflower Cafe for a crafty Cappucino and Cake...Perfick!

Friday, 6 February 2015

TOFT stud males this is your life....

From juniors through intermediates to adult- this is their life. Come the green grass and warmer days these Elite Champions and prizewinning TOFT boys will be looking for their own harem... Make a date to visit TOFT  and give your girls a valentine prezzy to remember.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Is that almost red?

Certainly a deep rich mahogany with a reddish undertone ... The winter sun presents a myriad of tints and hues as it moves accross the 6 month old weaner paddock at TOFT alpacas. The natural colour pallete of the Alpaca is truly amazing. Grab your cameras in 2015 and come and find an alpaca to kiss your lens at TOFT alpacas. With added treat of coffee and cake at the Cornflower Cafe... Perfick!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

TOFT Suris glow too, you know!

Yes, they do and the winter sun really does a job on their lustre...We have a very select prizewinning  Suri Herd at TOFT which is always worth a look at if you are passing. The Cornflower Cafe is open Wed-Sunday and offers some of the best Cappuccino and Cake in the Midlands!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

TOFT Ikrit is now safe and sound at Alpacamundo and looking for female company ...

In one end and out the other, almost as easy as posting a letter. 24 hrs after his departure from TOFT on Friday evening our Prizewinning Stud Male TOFT Ikrit arrived in the safe hands of his new owners in Holland on Saturday evening. Today he'll be out in his paddock eyeing up the Dutch talent.
Congratulations Alpacamundo Alpacas we hope this boy will give you many elite alpacas to enjoy and thank you LOC Ltd animal transport for a very efficient service.

A burst of colour through the chill of winter at TOFT ...

When that low early morning winter sun breaks through into the weaner paddock at TOFT it lights up the natural colour pallete of the Alpaca like a box of fireworks.