Monday, 24 August 2015

And the winners were...

Supreme was a White - Houghton Damian owned by Alpakka Sigdal
Champion Light - Alpakka Sigdal's Amadeus from Alpakka Sigdal
Champion Fawn - Lille Angel from Lille Alpakka
Champion Brown - Ambersun Selma from Alpakka Enghaugen and Ambersun Alpacas
Champion Black -Ankalterud Ivar from Alpakka Enghaugen and Ankalterud Alpakka
Champion Steel Grey - Alpacajoy Tresor d'Argent from Alpacajoy of Norway
Champion Rose Grey - Othelies Rose of Ace from Othelie Alpakka
Judges choice was an 84 point white fleece -CCNF Hyperion owned by Alpacajoy of Norway

Norwegian National Fleece Show....

Fantastic few days in Oslo over the weekend with Shirley judging the first Norwegian fleece show. Loved every minute of it. Line Werner of Alpaca Enghaugen organised the event with great enthusiasm and application it rang like a dream. The final presentation of the winning fleeces looked superb and really did justice to the quality fleeces which were exhibited. I gave a fleece workshop on the Saturday to finish off the proceedings and all in all it was a full on three days of sharing and learning with the Norwegian breeders. We had a great team of volunteer stewards helping and a lot of fun was had along the way as they worked through the process in a very professional manner.
Our hosts Eileen and  Sven-Erik train Alaskan Huskies and run a beautiful visiting farm in Asker called Bergvang where the event was held. They truly looked after us all like Kings and Eileen's mother in law delighted us with a never ending stream of wonderful home made cake. 
A huge TOFT thanks to Line and the Norwegian Alpaca Association for inviting us to judge and to all the volunteers who helped make this first show a great success and to Eileen and Sven-Erik for giving us a truly memorable alpaca weekend. We wish all the very best as you continue with your alpaca adventures and see you all again soon.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Busy weeks of summer

There's been no let up at TOFT this past few weeks with animal deliveries and shows taking up the whole of August. Last week we took a lovely trio of pet males up to North Berwick to fulfil a long standing dream of the new owners. Those boys are going to be spoilt rotten up there in Scotland. Along the way there we dropped off a few females for mating and on the way back picked up a few that had already been mated. All told a round trip of amost 800 miles. No sooner had we got home and we were off via Copenhagen to Oslo to judge the first Norwegian Fleece show- more on that later.I'm sat now in Copenhagen airport writing this and catching up after a fabulous three days in Oslo. Much more on that later. Needless to say we are both looking forward to a solid week on the farm to catch up with our alpacas. It's been a blast these last three weeks but a little downtime is now needed in earnest to recharge.
Boys yo to Scotland....
For a warm if soggy welcome...
Girls back down to TOFT with just enough time to pack and head to Norway to judge the first Norwegian fleece show. We wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!

Monday, 3 August 2015

TOFT Summer Open Day ... Fun for all on a Perfick day!

We kicked off August with the TOFT Summer Open day... Weather was perfect not overly hot but dry with plenty of sunshine interspersing the rapidly moving clouds. Congratulations to Kerry and her team of Tofties in the shop who worked tirelessly to entertain the crafty crowds. A massive thanks to Uncle Keith, Ollie and Rob for their work in the car park. A massive thanks to Auntie Lorna for her priceless meet and greet work. Not forgetting Jules and Tom supervising the catering from  the TOFT Coffee Shop aided and abetted by Scott and Doug. A big thanks from me for my team of a Linda, Olivia and Lizzie working with the alpaca walks and of course to 'Whoopy Daisy' and Caroline who walked and talked themselves to a standstill around the farm and back again. And let's not forget Auntie Sandra who had the two young uns to entertain throughout. Thanks you one and all for creating a truly unforgettable experience for all our guests both young and old. And a special thanks to the 84 year old alpaquero for letting me take her photo. A Perfick family affair on a Perfick TOFT day! God bless you all!