Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Toft Alpacas go to the seaside

Shirley and I took advantage of the fact we were delivering alpacas to the North East this week to visit my Mum and Dad and whiz them out for a walk on the beach at Seaton Carew, feed them fish and chips and have a bit of a catch up whilst walking our daughter Kerry's comedy dogs.
Well you have got to do these things it's a bit of a family tradition.
Seaton Carew is the 'Mecca of the North East ' and has more character than a Dickens novel with an amazing beach from which you can see the containers and cargo ships queuing up to get into Teesport through the new forest of offshore wind turbines.
There is nothing like a bracing walk on the beach past the sewage works, down to the estuary where you can view the oil rig yards at Seal Sands and the Steel plant over the other side of the river at Redcar.
Scenic in the classic sense it ain't- but for a man who grew up within smelling distance of ICI it 's called home!

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