Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Toft Alpaca Studio humming for Easter

The Toft alpaca open day on Bank Holiday Monday was a huge success with almost 600 people coming to the farm to enjoy our alpacas.
We were all up at the crack of sparrows to get ready and no sooner had we opened the gates than droves of alpaca enthusiasts started to arrive. Farm walks, craft workshops and halter walking went on continuously throughout the day and despite the cold east wind the Toft Alpaca Studio was throbbing all day with excited and interested people enjoying all things alpaca.
A big Toft Alpaca thanks must go to the volunteers who made the day go with such a bang.
Keith my brother in Law did a sterling job of parking the cars along with our meet and greet specialist Shirley's sister Lorna. Keiths an engineer and this meant the cars were parked with real precision.
Linda and Gemma managed the alpacas for the halter walks along with Millie and Elanor our work experiencers.
Harry our other work experiencer helped Kerry's husband Doug with the hotdogs.
Whilst my wonderful mother in law, Claire's boyfriend Chris and Claire's mother 'Michelle worked the kitchen along with Claire's sister who moved so fast and was so busy I never caught her name! Harriet's friend Frankie got stuck in too whilst Kerry, Claire, and Harriet buzzed up and down the studio organising teaching and showing everyone our wonderful alpaca yarns.
We had a the knitters knitting,the felters felting and Shirley and I doing far talks and halter walks. Meanwhile Auntie Sandra took care of young Edward, sharing her childminding duties with Doug's Mum Elanor.
All in all it was a massive effort from Team Toft and we thank everybody who volunteered to help make the day special and of course all those alpaca enthusiasts who came along to enjoy our alpacas. See you all again soon.

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