Sunday, 28 April 2013

Damp alpacas ?

Big disappointment yesterday at the Heart of England Alpaca Fiesta when after all our efforts Friday to keep our Show team dry we turned up at the crack of sparrows to find them damp!
No they hadn't been outside. It's just the weather has changed in the past few days from extremely dry to damp and the amount of moisture in the air has caused the finer alpaca fleeces to suck it up like a bath sponge. That's the downside when all our juniors are showing fleeces under 19 microns.
Effect? All our 17/18 micron fleeces on our show team felt wet which doesn't show off their crimp or their superb handle to its best advantage.
The result is that we probably took a lot more second prizes than we would on another drier day. Having said that we did great at the show. taking two reserve champions and lots of rosettes. Of the 12 alpacas shown by Toft yesterday we took 11 prizes. If only they had been dry who knows what we might have achieved.
Strategy? We will buy some fans for the National show which is in three weeks time and take our own wind with us to play over the young ones whilst they sit in their pens. At least this way we will have done everything we can to get them not the ring at their most impressive.
You've got to try everything when you are chasing the bling!!

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