Friday, 26 April 2013

Alpaca Showtime!!!

What a day, we had to deliver the show team to the National Agriculture Centre at Stoneleigh this evening ready for the Heart of England Alpaca Fiesta this weekend where they are competing against another 250 pedigree alpacas at the Heart of England Alpaca Show.
The sun shone, then it rained , then it hailed, then it shone again and it went around in that cycle all day long and In between we had the show team in and out of the barn all day long trying to keep them dry.
Alpacas can absorb almost 20% of their fleece weight in water if allowed and in that condition the crimp drops out of the fleece. The fleece gets duller and the handle becomes difficult to quantify. That's why we never judge alpacas in the rain.
Anyway finally the sun shone and we loaded them up into the trailer drier than they started the day and packed them off in the trailer to the show ground. Tomorrow Linda and the Toft Alpaca show team will be up at the crack of sparrowfart strutting their stuff in the show ring at Stoneleigh.
The show goes on all weekend if anyone wants to trot along and see how they do please feel free. All alpaca enthusiasts are welcome at the Alpaca Fiesta.
More on the Toft Alpaca Show team over the weekend- fingers crossed- watch this space!

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