Monday, 28 March 2016

Grans on the Manor ....TOFT Alpaca Open Day

It really is a family affair at TOFT and not just for those of us who work here on a regular basis. THis weekend we had the pleasure of our daughter Laura (aka FEMME) taking a break in her busy recording schedule to sample the 'vibe' on the TOFT Alpaca Open day. It's great to see that she hasn't lost her touch with the alpacas having been living that there 'London' life for the past few years. 
Here she is enjoying a little family fun with the Supergrans- Gran Gran Adam, Gran Shirley and Gran Sandra. That's a whole lot of Grans on the Manor in one day but fun was had by all.
The two scallywags are Edward Lord and Jacob McDowell who revelled in the attention, being surrounded by Grans all day long.

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