Friday, 11 March 2016

Cor blimey so that's what the world looks like....

Haircut today for TOFT Toledo. He is one of the last Cria to be weaned and we are waiting for him to start eating hard food before we take him away from Mum. Having observed him closely we realise that he is eating hard food when it is in front of his nose or we hand feed him but he doesn't seem to be aware of the food in the trough. We think this is because he can't actually see it. Some of these elite superfine Cria get a little fleece blind as they are carrying a fantastic amount of fleece on their face in the first year. This tends to even out and clear the eyes as the alpaca matures but the weaners often need a touch of the Vidal Sassoons around about now. Today I obliged on TOFT Toledo and he will be a happy boy tomorrow once he acclimatises to the fact ther is a whole world going by around him.

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