Thursday, 14 January 2016

Who be this then...?

Look who I found hiding on the wall of the feed store in the barn at TOFT. We are very busy this week clearing the old brick barn of the accumulated alpaca debris of the past 19 years and relocating the usable into the new barn.  It's surprising what you come across and each drawer you open bumps you off track down memory lane at light speed.
In a week where my eldest son Scott is celebrating his 27th birthday I came across this picture of him about 11 years ago when our foundation sire PA Accoyo Cornelius first won the Sires progeny shield at the BAS National Show. Proud, proud moments for TOFT at the time. Huge advances at TOFT in the meantime. Proud moments now as I see the man this happy soul has become. Enough I'm starting to feel old . Happy Brithday son and may 2016 fulfill all your expectations.

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