Monday, 27 April 2015

Wonderwool Wales for me...

Spent Saturday and Sunday working with Kerry entertaining  the Yarnies, Darnies, Spinners, Felters and Dyers in a hall at the Royal Welsh Showground in Bulith Wells at Wonderwool Wales.
There I am for two days with two young boys a Suri and Huacaya entertaining hordes of creatives from all over the UK who have descended on this textile festival with a hunger to touch and feel the most colourful, creative and wonderful materials created in the UK.
 I have to say I had a ball.  The show is really well organised, the setting idyllic, the people are delightful, the food was very good indeed. Oscar the Suri  was the star of the show. Nearly all the crafters and creatives knew the fibre well but found it a real treat to meet the source of their luxury fibre munching hay and haughtily staring them down as only Suris can do. I had a blast.
Unfortunately as we set off at the crack of sparrowfart on Saturday  I left my I pad and phone at Toft by accident so  couldn't take any good pics. Maybe next time.

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