Monday, 30 March 2015

TOFT alpaca pets...

Off they go, fully halter trained TOFT pet males going to a new home where they will delight and amuse. 
These non breeding males are only pets because they have better brothers. We are very selective here at TOFT and only a handful of our males are selected each year for our own herd or sold as stud males to other breeders. The rest of our beautiful boys are trained to halter and go off as Pets, to be used as fibre herds, sheep guards, chicken guards, therapeutic focus, petting farms, alpaca trekking groups etc. 
I fact TOFT Alpaca Pets are used anywhere and everywhere some one wants well behaved, fine fibred alpacas for anything else other than breeding. These two youngsters are off to a lovely new home in Warwickshire to join some of their relatives who are already resident. Enjoy!

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