Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Companion animal at the North Devon Show.

For Guest read Companion animal,  as that has been my role over the past three days at the North Devon Show. Shirley plays the role of Companion Animal when I judge and it is only fitting for an equality campaigner like myself to reciprocate when the roles are reversed. After ten years judging alpacas I'm not that experienced at being the companion animal. It's all new ground to me and as Shirley seems to be very much In demand this season I'm learning fast.
Shirley was judging the fleeces on Tuesday at Langaton Alpacas and today she judged the Halter classes at the North Devon Show in Umberleigh. 
What does the companion animal do? Well he drives the judge, feeds and waters the judge, totes the bags and keeps her entertained in the downtime. 
What does he not do? Question any decision, raise an eyebrow or do anything other than smile. Such is the recipe for a happy marriage says you- survival says me. 
Then when the judge is running at full throttle in the ring the companion animal gets to sneak off down the cattle and sheep lines to watch a very different type of livestock judging. 
We had a great time at the show and at Langaton the day previous. It was fab to catch up with the Waldrons again and a big thanks for the use of the Alpaca Schoolroom. Thanks to Jean Field and Lorraine for their work organising the alpaca fleece judging. A big thanks to Garry Sanders of Popham Alpacas for his services as ring steward and to Sue for being secretary and of course to Peter Roisetter    For organising the whole alpaca event at the North Devon Show. Shirley had it all done and dusted by 3pm in readiness for the Champions to participate in the Grand Parade in the main ring.
 Popham alpacas will be celebrating tonight as they achieved an amazing double be taking the best in show in both Huacaya and Suri- congratulations!

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