Friday, 18 April 2014

Toft Alpaca Fibre Herd

Another fine group of young boys go off today to provide their new owner with a great looking fibre herd. Incredible that the fleece statistics of these young men, the quality of their fleece and their inherent genetic fineness would have made them Champions not five years ago. 
The oldest of the males has a micron of 22.2 in his fourth fleece, the intermediate light fawn was 17 microns in his second fleece and the two juniors are under 20. Although micron is not everything in addition all these fibre males exhibit very little guard hair, good density and uniformity throughout their fleece and come for our bloodlines which have  a track record for maintaining quality. There can't be many starter groups of alpacas in the country with such potential to be a productive fibre herd.
Unfortunately for them, they all have  better brothers who will continue to move the Toft Herd on towards Elite whilst they will graze in celibacy and provide their owners with fine yarns for years to come-enjoy.

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