Saturday, 21 December 2013

Toft Alpaca Christmas Open Day

It was all happening at Toft today with all the family helping out to make the day a huge success. Uncle Keith and Auntie Lorna ran the meet and greet and car parks like seasoned professionals although Uncle Keith was disguised as an Eewok.
Auntie Sandra was on Edward duty and Douglas his Dad hovered and lingered to great effect. Jenny and Georgie provided the splendiferous catering on the Morning Glory bus. The old folks lingered with intent with my Mum  Audrey dressed like Santas little helper and my Dad John dressed like Greengrass on an off day!
My wonderful mother in law Myra busied herself helping everyone who needed it.
Shirley and I and Linda hovered around the 2012 girls talking alpaca and Shirley took two huge trips of enthusiasts for a farm walk.
Cheryl, Emma, and Safari took the Christmas alpaca workshops, whilst Kerry, Claire and Harriett handles yarns and shopping.
A busy but amazing day in which the weather held up miraculously and of course the fat man in the red coat turned up twice to provide a little Chritmas cheer.
Thanks to everyone who made the day happen and special thanks to the 250 people who came and enjoyed our Toft Alpaca Christmas Open Day.

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