Sunday, 18 August 2013

Toft Alpaca Studio hosts 60th Anniversary

Toft Alpaca Studio played host to my parents 60th wedding anniversary last Saturday as the Bettinson family gathered to celebrate a wonderful couple. Audrey and John Bettinson have been married 60 year. It's official folks, as they even to a card from the queen. Truly inspirational. 
On behalf of all our family and friends I thank them for their devotion and for the love and support they have given us all throughout the past 60 years. Thanks for the Lurve folks!
We had a great weekend, there were 16 of us all together and the Toft Studio was the only place big enough to accommodate a sit down do for all. We had a great night, the old folks gave it some on the dance floor. Some of the young folks welcomed the sunrise over the manor. There was a ridiculous amount of Al Jolson played to keep my father happy and a few tears shed as we played in the background an audio visual show of family  photies going back 60 years. 
My thanks to all the family for making the effort and pitching in to make this a very special weekend. A huge thanks from all of us to my wife Shirley who organised us all to make it happen, well done that girl!
A massive thank you to John and Audrey for their love and dedication and we wish them many more years of happiness to come. Well done Mum and Dad. Xxxxxxxxx

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