Thursday, 27 June 2013

Alpacas doing their bit for the Dunchurch Fete

It's compulsory at his time of the year for yours truly to be in a pen with some pet males at the local village fete entertaining he crowds. It was a great turn out this year. The weather held off until the Fete was over and something like 2000 people went home having stroked an alpaca with answers to their queries.
I was accompanied on the stand this year by the 'Toft glamour' in the form of two young female internees Patricia and Safari who did a fantastic job of talking to the people about the Toft Alpaca Shop and promoting the Toft Open Day on August 3rd. I also had two hangers on in the shape of Kerry's comedy dogs - Harvey and Pete who loved the fuss and attention.
Lot's of a fun was had by all and a big thanks to my mum in law Myra for the coffee and cake and support.

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