Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Alpaca picnics

Returned home from judging the South East Alpaca Group Show on Monday night to find a list of jobs a mile and a half long to get through this week.
Spent a day in the sun yesterday, (the sun is a great yellow orb which gives off heat and gladdens the heart, for all those poor souls in the UK who have been deprived of its presence in the past nine months) erecting picnic tables for the Toft Alpaca Studio.
They look fabarooney and we are all geared up now for the days of clotted cream and strawberry jam which lie ahead.
Unfortunately woke this morning to find the yellow orb very absent. Hey, ho welcome to our green and pleasant isle - 'twas ever thus. We're expecting over 50 cria to be born in the next eight weeks. Don't the weather Gods know this?
There's a cold old breeze blowing today so the days of ice cream and jelly are still some way off methinks!

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