Saturday, 30 March 2013

Alpaca fleece sorting

Well there you go another day another dollar.
Harriet and I spent all day yesterday in a cold shed sorting through alpaca fleece for the Toft Alpaca Shop. We buy in tons of fleece a year from alpaca breeders all over the UK which we sort and spin into yarns to supply the shop. We sell many different grades of yarn in a multitude of colours and it's all made in the UK.
The beginning of this process begins on days like yesterday when the fleeces have to be sorted and graded into the batches for the mill. It's a mucky old job and you certainly feel as if you've done a days work at the end of it. Huge gratitude to the man/woman who invented the power shower!
This is the view from the shed and as you can see the alpacas are outside enjoying the sun. Somedays it can feel like they have the best deal... but there again the sleeping outside bit with only a woolly jumper to keep off the frost would definitely not suit. I think I'll stick with the shed!

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